God blessed some special one with an extraordinary talent; some of the selected ones are gifted with the exceptional talent since their childhood. But some of them changed the world with their actions and examples.

In the world as big as we are living, the feeling of kids doesn't make sense because adults believe that they’ve obtained the power to change the world and make a real difference. However, there are some exceptional kids whose achievements and actions have really put the adult into shame.

These kids are a hope and a message for everyone that the future of this world is in very safe hands. Their achievements and actions are the inspiration for the whole new generation.


Jack Andraka

Ann Makosinski

Alex Deans

Malala Yousafzai

Anne Frank

Iqbal Masih

Louis Braille

Yash Gupta

Nkosi Johnson (originally Xolani Nkosi)

Boyan Slat


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