Carnations are generally known by their scientific name, ‘Dianthus’ named by Theophrastus, a Greek botanist. It became Dianthus from ‘dios’, god Zeus and ‘anthos’, flower. Hence, they are also called “The Flowers of God’. Carnations are among world’s most popular and beautiful flowers.

They are widely used in different occasions such as a wedding, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. They are native to Eurasia and blooms longer even after cutting. Carnations are used to express affection, attraction, and distinction.

There come carnations of various colors and each symbolizes different meaning with some historical belief and myth as well. They are the easiest plant to grow and bloom on a tough and straight branch. Among those several shades, here are some most beautiful carnations:


Pink Carnation

Striped Carnations

White Carnation

Yellow Carnation

Green Carnations

Purple Carnation

Red Carnation


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