For most of us, a bathroom is just the functional part of the house where we actually don’t enjoy being in. But let’s face it; we all have been in the situation: very desperate for the bathroom, when there is no sign of bathroom miles away.

But when we do find public restrooms, they’ll come up as our worst nightmare. The locks are broken, the seats are terrifying and the smells are pretty gross that your heart starts flipping and screaming, ‘let me get out’. And by the time when you finish your activities, your stomach will be doing backflips.

But now America has brought you the luxurious and modern-day bathroom. These restrooms are lavish, gorgeous and well-designed that will probably knock you off your feet.


The Music Hall

Mai Kai

The Grove

Vanity Night Club

The Shoji Tabuchi Theater

Da Marino Ristorante Italiano

John Michael Kohler Arts Center

The Bowl Plaza

Cibo Wine Bar


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